1. They believe in trolls. Our tour guide mentioned several times the Icelandic people won't confirm if you ask them "Do you believe in trolls?" but they won't deny it either. They have a lot of stories that revolve around evil trolls and often build infrastructure (roads) around possible troll homes. I think it is charming.

2. All Icelandic people are distantly related. There is an app that tells you how far back you go in case you happen to meet a lovely gentleman or lady while you are out one evening. They don't have a lot of immigration and their population is relatively small so there you have it.

3. It is one of the most naturally beautiful countries I have seen. Giant parts of this country are un-touched and so pristine it is surreal. There is no over development and they have kept more of its natural beauty in tact instead of building giant cities. The air is extremely fresh and the water is the best I have ever tasted. They also have have little to no insects. 

4. They don't think it is that cold. It was pretty cold while I was there in April (say 40s or below). I mentioned to an Icelandic person that it was a beautiful country but very cold. He told me he thought anything above 70 Fahrenheit felt too hot for them. They really can stand the cold. Brilliant!

5. Northern Lights. My desire is to see these from every location on the globe that allows me. Iceland was the first place. It was magical, breathtaking and it made me feel truly we just belong to something much bigger and larger that is quite awe-inspiring.